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  • Все записи Люк Скайуокер запись закреплена 31 мар You did. All I agreed to was the coming. But her finger was back up, poking him in his chest this time. Like that. Her pupils dilated, and the light pink rose on her cheeks.

    Her breathing grew more and more labored.

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    Placing one hand on the door beside her head, he leaned closer until their bodies were only an inch apart. Her breath fanned his face as her eyes rose to meet his. When their gazes locked, need raged through him.

    Need to touch her.

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    Need to kiss her. Need to hear her say what he made things sound like. He was so hard that if they even just kissed, he was a little afraid he might come in his pants.

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    Her breath was choppy as her chest rose and fell in a seductive rhythm. You make it sound dirty. She was just so damn adorable.

    And he loved it. He was rewarded with feeling her body tremble beneath his featherlight touch. Her eyes popped open, and her face turned a much deeper shade of pink.

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    Her body stiffened, and just like after their first kiss, she came back to her senses like a bucket of cold water had been dumped over her. Then he raised one eyebrow. I was merely offering my services to alleviate a headache. I am not the kind of girl that puts out on the first date.

    His own smile grew bigger as he continued. No other sex of any kind will be happening between the two of us today.


    Even if you beg. Placing both hands on the wooden door, he framed her face and closed the distance between them. As he leaned down, she tilted her head up, and he stopped just short of their lips touching. Her lips parted the second his touched hers and he swept inside her mouth. Needing to touch her, he cupped her face with one hand while the other gripped her hip, pulling her against him so she could feel how hard she made him.

    How badly he wanted her. She rolled her hips against him as she moaned. He loved the way her reaction vibrated through their kiss.

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  • For him, in that moment, nothing else mattered. All he wanted was to make her feel what he felt. He wanted her to feel as connected. To be consumed with the same unrelenting desire she inspired in him. He stopped when he came to her button. As badly as he wanted to flick it open and get her out of these pants, his desire to protect her overrode his own pulsating need. He ran his thumb over it several times as his other hand left her jaw and moved lower.

    Then his knuckles brushed over the side of her swollen, cotton-covered breast, and she let out a soft, needy sound as his hand continued down to her hip. He had to know if they were on the same page, so he broke their kiss.

    As Deanna tried to catch her breath and he did the same, a rush of intimacy flooded him. I want to spread your legs and taste you. I want to touch you and lick you and kiss you until you come on my mouth.

    Her body signals were saying yes, but he wanted—no, he needed—to hear her say it. No games. What are you waiting for? He had to smile.

    She was so damn adorable. When he picked her up, her legs wrapped around his body and her hands were all over him—in his hair, across his shoulders, down his back, his chest—like she wanted to touch every part of him at once. He knew the feeling. Not wanting to take the time to find the bedroom, he took two short steps to the long couch and laid her down.

    He began kissing her neck as he started unbuttoning her pants. He had to lift his knee so she could pull them off. Never one to miss out on all the fun, Lucky reached down and helped. They both pulled the soft cotton up and over her head. When she laid back down, she was only wearing a white lace bra and matching panties. His heart slammed into his chest at the sight that stole the breath from his lungs. Her petite frame had curves in all the right places.

    Her breasts were small but full mounds that would fit perfectly in his palms and his mouth. Past her flat belly, her waist dipped in just before her hips then flared out. Looking back up at her face, he saw that her smile was definitely closer to naughty than nice, but her cheeks were bright red. He loved that she trusted him to step out of her comfort zone. A smile lifted across his face at her bold move and her face flushed with embarrassment. They both froze and stared at each other.

    His head buzzed, and his heart was pounding so hard that he thought it was going to explode. When her legs began to shut, he snapped out of his momentary shock paralysis and moved over her, covering her lace-covered nipple with his mouth while his hand moved between her legs.

    Her nipple pebbled as he licked it through the material, and his fingers found her panties—damp with arousal. With just two strokes of his fingers, her thighs were already trembling.

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    Gently, he pulled the lace of her bra between his teeth and dragged it down so that her breast was free of the material. At the same time, he slid her panties to the side and began stroking the slick flesh of her swollen lips. Using his tongue, he traced the outline of her areola as his finger circled her clit, her body writhing beneath him. On the third pass, he dipped his middle finger lower and ran the tip of it up and down the wet seam of her opening as his forefinger kept teasing her pleasure button.

    As her body began trembling, he pulled her breast into his mouth and nipped her nipple as he slid his middle digit into her tight canal while his finger flicked her swollen nub. She came apart in seconds, her body shaking uncontrollably as she rode out her release.

    He stayed with her, sliding his finger in and out of her as he rubbed her pleasure button and suckled her nipples. She was so tight that sweat broke out on his brow and neck at the thought of what his dick would feel like inside her.

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    He tried to shut that thought down, though. This was about her pleasure, not his. As she started to relax, he made quick work of removing her panties. Right between her legs. He licked slowly, from the base of her opening all the way up, stopping just below her most sensitive spot. When he reached that, he carefully curled his tongue and laved one side and then the other, making sure to not touch it.

    Then he started the process again. Wanting to touch more of her, he slid one hand up her body so he could pay attention to the breasts his mouth had had to abandon.

    The other slipped beneath her and squeezed her fleshy butt cheek, tilting her hips up so he had even better access to her core. When her legs fell even farther apart, her inner muscles contracted. And as he licked her center, the liquid heat of how much her body loved what he was doing tasted sweet, just like he knew she would.

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  • He moaned as he lapped up her juices, and her fingers tangled in his hair. At her request, Lucky continued, adding deeper pressure with each pass of his hot tongue. Before he was ready for it to be over, Deanna cried out. Her back arched up off the couch, and her orgasm shuddered through her body.